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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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The Triskele is a three-legged pattern, sacred to the Celts who used a triple cycle for the seasons, and for many magical patterns and ritual blessings.  There are many examples of Triskel patterns on Pictish stones and in the Celtic manuscripts - the noble spirals of Aberlemno, Shandwick, Nigg, the Tara Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice, and later the intricate manuscripts, including the books of Durrow and Kells.  Finely wrought metal and enamel works – such as the disc brooches dated around the second to fourth centuries - feature intricate variations of beautiful spiral and triskel patterns.  In Brittany the Triskel is still widely present, a symbol of regeneration, it represents independence and autonomy and is worn for protection and good luck.  This triskele symbolizes the rhythm of nature, each branch represents an element: water, earth and fire.
Original Design and Text by Jen Delyth  ©2005

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