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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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Woodland Fox

Woodland Fox
Woodland Fox is the cunning shape-shifter creature of the woodlands. She peers through the tangled woods, long red tail curling through the bracken ferns, poised, sniffing the autumn air as the resourceful squirrel gathers nuts and the wise hunter owl watches over the mice hidden in the undergrowth. Intelligently negotiating the forces and challenges of the Wilde, the elusive fox is aware and adaptable, providing well for her cubs in her carefully hidden den. Both predator and prey, the skillful fox was known to symbolize the struggle of the ordinary common folk against the feudal barons. Wild, shape-shifter Fox is the wise and shrewd guide through the Mysteries – illuminated by the silver light of the feminine moon. Owl is the solitary wise bird of the night, whose keen sight penetrates the darkness as Squirrel collects the sacred nuts from the Oak Tree – doorway to the Mysteries. Woodpecker’s sharp beak taps into the Tree of Life for sustenance as the timid yet resourceful Mice peep out from their burrow in Mother Earth, carrying her secrets from the Underworld. These are our companion guides as we find our path through the often dark, tangled woodlands of our psyche. Llwynog Coch – the beautiful and cunning Red Fox!
Original Design & Text by Jen Delyth ©2011

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