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Thankyou for your interest in Celtic Art by Jen delyth tattoos.

We are asked often for permission to use Jen's Art for a personal tattoo. You are welcome to use any image as a personal tattoo, but not for resale of art in tattoo studios. Please check our copyright section for more info if you're unsure. If you would like a design from our site in high resolution suitable for a tattoo, please contact [info]. We can provide that for $20 - $50.00 download, or a quote for more customisation. And we always love to see your tattoo when it is finished! Please send us a pic!
One of our friends, and one of the best celtic tattoo artists is Pat Fish of in Santa Barbra. Here shown.. Pat is one of the few Tattoo artists who pay a licensing fee to artists such as us when adapting our artwork for her customers. For which we are grateful!

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