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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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Bedd Gelert is the Welsh legend of the faithful hound of Llewellyn, Prince of Wales. The trusted greyhound Gelert was left to guard the master’s infant son, as he had done many times before. During the night, a hungry wolf stealthily crept into the chamber. He was about to attack the baby in his cradle when the loyal hound Bedd Gelert leaped upon the huge, mangy creature, and there was a savage struggle of sinew and muscle, fur and fang. In the fierce fight, the cradle was overturned and the infant fell underneath, safe but hidden from sight. The Prince arrived home, and seeing the empty cradle and carnage all around, he cried out in anguish! The wounded Gelert was covered in blood – exhausted, he lay at the foot of the cradle. Full of grief and anger, Llewellyn stabbed his loyal hound, sure that he had killed his son. Too late! he heard the plaintive cry, and found his baby safe beneath the cradle, near the lifeless body of the wolf. Llewellyn mourned his beloved dog, and never forgot the bravery and sacrifice of his most loyal companion. He honored Gelert with a tomb near the village of Beddgelert, Gelert’s Grave, in Gwynedd.
Original Design and Text by Jen Delyth  ©2003

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