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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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Triskele - the Spiral Dance - The Celtic triskele is an ancient three-legged spiral pattern found throughout Celtic art in infinite variations of design. The triple spiral is particularly sacred to the Celts, and spiral patterns are among the most spiritual symbols of Neolithic Europe, as they are possibly symbols of the cyclic seasons of birth, life, and death or afterlife. The triquetra is an interconnected Celtic triangle pattern. The triskele and triquetras here represent the three elemental realms of earth, air an water - or land, sky and sea.

In this original design, pairs of double spirals meet and diverge in a meander pattern. They balance and weaver together, representing the cyclic rhythm of day and night, the movement between the above an below, the inner and the outer. Held within a radiating fourfold pattern of triquetras, representing the four directions and seasons, the triple and double spirals radiate energy from the center and out again spiraling and interconnecting as the elemental dance of life

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