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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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the Healers -

Three things never at rest:

The heart in working,

the breath in moving,

and the soul in purposing.

— Celtic Folk Triad

Our hands are our tools - as artists, healers, mothers, lovers. Through touch we manifest creativity or destruction,
express our love, or defend our boundaries. The healing power of touch has been intuitively known to people since the earliest times.
We are all Healers. Sometimes we need the gifted ones, who channel this gift through their hands, hearts and experience
to help and support those in need. Here the triskele – the triple spiral – also known as the Triple Goddess – intertwines
with the creative power of the hands – through which we hold, shape and heal. The triple spiral is a profoundly mystical figure for the Celts,
depicting the rhythms and cycle of life. The three pointed triangle balances and focusses the flowing energy spiraling around and through the center - and out into the world.- the Healers touch.
Original Design & Text by Jen Delyth © 2010

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