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Brighids Mantle

Brighids Mantle

Bridhid's Mantle

"Brighid of the Mantle protect us
May your gentle hands deliver us
Your Flame inspire us
This day and every day
This night and every Night"
Blessing by Jen Delyth ©

Giclee of Egg Tempera Painting ©2014
Brighid, daughter of the Dagda, Goddess of Poets, Healers, Smiths and Midwives, is a well-known and loved patron Saint of Ireland. Imbolc, her feast festival on February first (Candlemass), celebrates the beginning of Spring, and the birthing of the lambs. On the Eve of Saint Brigid's Day, it is traditional to hang a strip of cloth or ribbon outside your door, or upon a tree. The "brat Bhride" (Bridgid's Mantle) receives her curative and protective powers. The Mantle would sometimes be used to cover a child's cradle, to protect them from being switched with a faerie changling..

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