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Jen Delyth

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Cross of Life

Cross of Life

CROSS OF LIFE - Croes Bywyd

Seed takes root in the warm earth
Love takes root in the open heart
Gentle Spirit seeks the light
inhaling life from the soft wind.
– Celtic Folk Triad

Often associated with the Tree of Life, the ancient Celtic Wheel Cross is a megalithic symbol, first seen around 10,000 BC. The hub of the cosmic wheel represents the turning of the seasons. The arms of the cross represent the four seasonal positions of the sun, the four directions and the four elements. The sign of the sun is the circle with a center. The circle represents the whole, the encircling spirit, the sun illuminating. The cycle of life is illustrated with spiral patterns entwined with flowering plants, and the labyrinth "key" patterns represent the journey and continuity of life. In the Celtic cross, the center is where all forces come together. Embracing the mysticism of both the old and new religions, the central spiritual source is represented here by a triskele: a triple spiral motif symbolizing the mystical Celtic trinity.
Original design, limited edition print & text by jen delyth ©2000

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