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Little Town of Spirals by Cynthia Matyi - Art and Story Book


Little Town of Spirals

Written and Illustrated by Cynthia Matyi

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Written and Illustrated by Cynthia Matyi ©

Little Town of Spirals invites us on a whimsical journey to a wonderful place where spirals can be found almost everywhere!

Cindy Matyi's delightful story and beautiful paintings were inspired during travels in Ireland when she found herself showing a young lad how to draw spirals. Together they created a magical town where spirals rose from chimneys, blossomed into flowers and brought fun to so many places.

Young readers will have fun looking for repetition of spirals, shapes and characters and especially finding the bird with the brush featured on each page. The book encourages young ones to create even more stories from the pictures they see. This book is also a wonderful introduction to Celtic Art for young artists, and invites them to try their hand at creating spirals!

About the Author/Artist: Cindy Matyi paints Celtic art images as well as impressionistic landscapes. She has participated in many exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Europe. Cindy particularly loves teaching children about Celtic Art. She is also a musician, avid gardener and active supporter of the arts in her community.