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"A Welsh Alphabet" by Lorin Morgan-Richards

"A Welsh Alphabet" by Lorin Morgan-Richards
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 A Welsh Alphabet by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Art & Poetry Book

Illustrated by Various Artists

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Poetry & Text by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Illustrated by Various Artists

Forward by Peter Anthony Freeman

Cover art "Oghma - Patron of the Bards" by Jen Delyth

- Poetry & Text Book

Full Color Illustrations

- 264 Pages - Soft Cover

- A Raven Above Press Publication

  ISBN -10 0983002053

Over 30 artistic interpretations of Welsh mythology and legend set to the poetic work of author Lorin Morgan-Richards. Includes a special preface and notes throughout the book by Welsh storyteller Peter Anthony Freeman and artist contributions by Jen Delyth, Monica Richards, Casey Ruic, Frankie Babylon, John Charles, Gina Turcios (rabbit), Phresha Le Vandale, David Richardson, Adrien Burke, Spinestealer, Nicole Josephian, Kelly McCartin, Gaabriel Becket, Nicolas Caesar, Rick Dienzo Blanco, Meiling Chen, Nichola Hope, Chris Mann, Andrea Gutierrez, Calan Ree, Kimberly Wlassak, Sarah Hope, Jo Mazelis, Rochelle Shelly Rosenkild, Michele Witchipoo, Lorin Morgan-Richards, Xavier Lopez Jr., Rhys Jones, Liam O'Connor, Jeremy Cross, and Jason Shepherd.

A Welsh Alphabet by Lorin Morgan-Richards is, like so many things Welsh, a lot more than it may first appear. First, it is an introduction to the Welsh language and alphabet. It is also an introduction to the rich resource of myth and legend that formed the basis for the Welsh way of life and informs the Welsh culture of today.

Each letter has a stanza where reference is made to a character from Welsh legend. Thus for poet weaves a rich tapestry of Welsh heritage, using a style reminiscent of the Bardic teacher or medieval troubadour teaching us the name of the Gods and men through rhyme and meter. Alongside each letter is an illustration made by a varied group of talented artists. Each one has touched the Awen in his or her own unique way.