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Jen Delyth

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Jen Delyth Oregon Country Fair Booth

Jen Delyth Oregon Country Fair Booth L68

Hello Oregon Country Fair!

We are celebrating with a virtual event this sheltering in place year! I am thinking of all my friends and fair family, missing the circus, the creativity of our annual amazing madness gathering in the woods of Veneta Oregon.

L68 - In the Woods! We built this a little each year over 26 plus years now....:)

Our address (and our now main street STILL doesn't have a name - although I was promised when asked by the MAPS folks it would be named "CEILIDH WAY" - Ceilidh means the dance the gathering, and my humble CELTIC ART booth was the first new booth when this area was first opened up. Many years ago) - but I digress - we are between the DRAGON ENTRANCE, and the CIRCUS, just past BLUE MOON STAGE!

My neighborhood! - Used to be called the "New Loop" and we were the first new booth many years ago... Now our country path has opened up, and we are at the head of the new area Xavanadu .

Parachute shade since our lovely natural tree fell over in a storm... taking some of our booth and our neighbor's booth with it... a few years ago now

Jen Delyth studio made prints and stretched canvas gicles

Our silk screened Tshirts and artPATCH Messenger Bags and Clothing. We only sell what we make in our studio at the Oregon Country Fair!

And then our lovely booth sinks back into the woods until the next year... and in this case, 2021...

Miss you fair, miss you friends, miss you woods. Miss you Chris Chandler Show...... Hugs - jen

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