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  • 14" x 18", 16" x 20", 20" x 24" (Matted Size)
  • Signed, numbered, limited edition print of 550
  • Print made by Jen Delyth in studio
  • Archival fine art textured watercolor 100% cotton rag, acid free paper
  • Museum quality archival inks
  • Heavy archival float matt (fits in standard frame)
  • Symbolic explanation of print
  • Price: $95.00


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    Product Description

    Tôn Y Werin - Folk Music

    Music is the song of life. From the first simple reed instruments, the first beating of an animal skin stretched upon a frame, folk have created music as naturally as breathing. Wherever folk gather, music resonates. Wood and bone, tightly stretched sinew and gut strings, sing of joy and sorrow, love and loss, beauty and darkness through the skillful hands of the folk musician. We celebrate together with music at our festivals, at ritual gatherings. Around the hearth, long Winters nights are passed to the music of the fiddle, whistle, and the beat of the bodhran drum. With distinctive patterns and cadence of rhythm and harmony, traditional Celtic music continues to flourish throughout the modern Celtic world, and wherever her people have travelled. In Celtic mythology, the universe is said to be created from sound, with three great shouts - represented by the Awen symbol of three dots with three rays. In this design, the ancient iron age Carynx horns symbolize the creative force of Awen. The mythic silver branch with her golden apples, is the emblem of the musician. Brought back from the Otherworld, it is said to make enchanting music that heals and soothes away our pain and sorrow.

    Collectible Fine Art Prints by Jen Delyth

    These signed, collectible museum quality prints are made by Jen Delyth, in her studio. Price rises as edition becomes more rare/valuable. Limited edition or open edition Giclee prints are printed with archival quality pigment inks, onto heavy (300g) Fine Art Hahnemuhle Archival watercolor paper, Acid Free, 100% cotton rag. The new Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks onto Hahnemuhle Archival Fine Art Paper have a tested longevity rating of 60-100 years in full sunlight framed under glass. Up to twice as long with UV glass, and far longer in an album. However, fine art prints are best stored out of direct sunlight for best preservation. This Black Museum Matt board is archival quality. Be sure to ask for similar acid free materials when framing this print, although print is ready to place in standard frame

    Giclee Printmaking

    Contemporary Print makers are beginning to use the Giclee digital print making process using archival Museum quality materials and inks to produce Fine Art limited edition prints. The word Giclee is from the French word "to spray". It is a high quality, plateless printing process that was developed in 1989, in which a fine spray of ink moves across the paper. It rivals lithography in its resolution and color range,and is fast becoming a favorite with artists. Robert Rauschenberg and David Hockney are among those using the technique. Prestigious museums such as the Guggenheim, the New York Metropolitan Museum, the Corcoran in Washington DC to mention a few, are enthusiasticaly embracing the use of Giclee printing from original art. Deep saturated colors, and fine tone resolution using archival water soluble inks and beautiful heavy archival papers produce rich prints which have outstanding fade resistance.