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TREE OF LIFE 14K SOLID GOLD WEDDING RINGS (price depends on options)

TREE OF LIFE 14K  SOLID GOLD WEDDING RINGS (price depends on options)
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  • Tree of Life Rings
  • 14K Solid GOLD
  • UPDATE - Gold has almost doubled price during COVID... We need to quote for gold price when you order. We'll let you know. 1-2 months to custom make right now.
  • Elegantly presented in black satin bag
  • Explanation of symbolism with each design
  • Featuring Original Celtic Art by Jen Delyth©
  • Craftsman made in USA
  • Please allow 1-2 months during COVID for custom casting of your rings.
  • Also available in Sterling Silver

    Please note: The price (from drop down box) is an approx 50% deposit of final cost of pieces. Gold has almost doubled price during COVID... Women’s Size 5 ring will be less than a man’s 13.5 size ring. Please email for current price (as world market gold prices fluctuate each day). email custom gold inquiry

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Product Description

Our Celtic Tree of Life 14K Gold, or Sterling Silver Rings are often chosen as hand-fasting or wedding rings. The interlaced branches and roots connect the earth with the heavens, and symbolize the interconnection of all things. Made with local goldsmith in USA Keltic Designs by Jen Delyth Sterling Silver Jewelry and 14K Gold Jewelry is beautifully hand-cast using the traditional lost wax method. Each piece is Each piece is elegantly presented in a black satin bag, with an explanation of the symbolism of the design. Pieces are finely detailed, and well crafted in Solid Silver, Bronze or 14K Gold. Made in USA.

PRICE shown and CHARGED at CHECKOUT is DEPOSIT ONLY approximately 50% of final price. Please note: a women's size 5 ring will be significantly less than a man's size 13.5 ring in the cost of the gold. A size 13 ring will be 50% more in cost due to weight and size.

We shall email you with the actual price and status of your order... Please note that Gold prices fluctuate daily according to World Market Gold prices.
email custom gold inquiry