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TALIESIN and the SPELL OF MAKING - CHILDREN's BOOK - HARDBACK This is special HARDBACK first edition, signed by Jen Delyth Small batch publishing.
  • Written & Illustrated by Jen Delyth
  • Full Color Hardback Laminated Cover
  • 95 Black & White Interior Pages - Premium Quality Glossy Paper
  • Fully Illustrated with Celtic Art throughout by Jen Delyth
  • Published by Ninth Wave Publishing
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Product Description

FIRST SPECIAL EDITION HARDBACK - Now Shipping! This charming magical story is based on the ancient Welsh myth of Taliesin, and is fully illustrated with original artwork by Jen Delyth. 95 black and white premium quality interior pages, with full color HARDBACK cover - is written in poetic prose suitable for many ages, with larger typeface, fully illustrated. 

Gwion Bach - Little Gwion - who is just an ordinary boy - who is "Brave as the Boar, Clever as the Fox, Nimble as the Deer"....stirs the Cauldron of Inspiration for Ceredwen, and accidentally tastes the Spell of Making.
With his new magical knowledge - Gwion shape changes into a bird, a fish, a hare, and a grain of corn, as he is chased by Ceredwen as a Hawk, an Otter, a Hound and then a great white Hen. Gwion hides inside Ceredwen, and then is cast out into a little boat upon the sea, where he is nurtured and protected by the wild birds, and the ancient Salmon of Wisdom.
Gwion transforms into the great Taliesin - poet and mystic.

This book can be enjoyed for the intricate illustrations supporting the story, as well as read by younger children, or enjoyed by many ages as the retelling of the ancient TALE of TALIESIN. There are some passages written for younger children such as
"Wait! What is that sound! A stirring and a rustling"....
For young and older adults, the underlying Celtic mysticism will be understood between the lines so to speak!
So a book for everyone...

: Chapter 1 - Gwion Bach
Chapter 2 - Ceridwen the White One
Chapter 3 - Spell of Making
Chapter 4 - Shape Shifters
Chapter 5 - Dreaming
Chapter 6 - The Journey
Chapter 7 - Song of Life

SAMPLE TEXT: Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Cymru, in the land of the dragons, where the golden warriors sleep in the old grey mountains, where the wise salmon sing to the poets, and the poets sing to the silver stars, there was once an ordinary boy.
The birds float upon the water, singing to Gwion the Song of Journeying.
“Mar a bha, mar a tha, Mar a bhitheas Gu brath, Ri traghadh, ‘S ri lionadh! Ri traghadh, ‘S ri lionadh!”