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FOX BANDANA Bamboo / Organic Cotton Mask /Face Covering


  • We're hand making these in our studio. Made to order in approx 7-10 days ... or sooner:)
  • Bandana Style - Comfortable Adjustable Generous Fit
  • More coverage - tapers around neck and face - (good for beards!)
  • Comfort Ties from sides to back of head
  • Good style for easy pull up and down on a walk
  • Pocket for Additional Filter (if you wish)
  • Aluminum Nose Bridge Strip (rust free) - bends and conforms comfortably around nose
  • 3 layers - Bamboo & Organic Cotton Blend (fabric made in Canada) - Outer/Inner Layers
  • High Thread Count Tight Weave Egyptian 100% cotton middle layer
  • Fabric prewashed by us - ready to wear
  • Washable - wash after use in public place - add disposable filter to extend washing need
  • Choose Color
  • Small Front Design Detail - printed by Jen Delyth on Vapor® moisture wicking microbial resistant poly Fabric
  • Hand Made in Celtic Art Studio - USA
Price: $35.00


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Product Description

Stylish, comfortable & thoughtful design for sheltering in place! We're hand making these in our studio. Shipping right now is approx 1-2 weeks. Our ORIGINAL BANDANA face covering - one piece design wraps around face, neck and head — generous fit and good coverage. We've found this is good design for easy pulling up and down when on a walk - and good for beards apparantly! This is more of a bandana "look" rather than the regular face mask style. Now with removable conforming aluminum nose bridge to create better "air seal" around your nose (better protection and helps with glasses misting up:). Jen has worked hard to design these for good comfort fit and some good protection (whilst not being a medical or N95 mask) - for washable use. They have a pocket if you wish to add a disposable filter for additional protection. Made to order, in range of soft bamboo colors with a small detail of Jen's studio printed artwork featured on the front. These face coverings are designed to be washed after use, a disposable filter can be added for extra protection and to extend washing times. Please note: This is a face covering to provide some protection when around other folks. Not an N95 style Mask. NOT FDA APPROVED. You can add an additional "filter" layer inside mask area. These can be bought online, or improvised - non woven shop cloths and coffee filters have been suggested by some folks. We recommend you wash your mask after wearing outside your sheltered environment, and follow current COVID mask wearing advice, remembering to wash your hands and not touch your face when out of your sheltered environment. .All artwork and text ©Jen Delyth