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Mabsant - Y goreuon ar Sain (The Best on Sain)

Mabsant - Y goreuon ar Sain (The Best on Sain)
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Siwsann George had bought Welsh song to the world, renowned for her deeply moving performances of the music of her land. A great loss to all folk fans was the death of Siwsann George in 2005, following years of fighting against cancer, but her music lives on in this collection of Mabsant’s best recordings on Sain. Mabsant is a Welsh traditional group. They’ve appeared on a number of Sain compilations.

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Mabsant - Y goreuon ar Sain

  • •1. America'n galw (America Calling)
  • •2. America / Waltz Pennsylvania
  • •3. Trio i Aberystwyth / Jigi-jigi abermwd
  • •4. Kodomo tachi ni (A message for tomorrow)
  • •5. Sofl yr Hydref (Autumn stubble)
  • •6. Enfys Affrica (African rainbow)
  • •7. Can y bugail (Song of the shepherd)
  • •8. Ton alarch / Y pibydd amharod (Swan-song / The reluctant piper)
  • •9. Gwlad heb iaith (A country without a language)
  • •10. Tryweryn
  • •11. Brethyn coch (Red flannel)
  • •12. Myfanwy
  • •13. Harbwr San Ffransisco
  • •14. Can y geiniog (The money song)
  • •15. Tiger Bay
  • •16. Y gwydd (The forest / loon)
  • •17. Cofeb (Memorial)

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