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Elsewaves Chris Kincade & Rick Knotts

Elsewaves Chris Kincade & Rick Knotts
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Elsewaves - Debut album by Chris Kinkade and Rick Knotts

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Debut album by Chris Kinkade and Rick Knotts

“Elsewaves” is Chris Kinkade on vocals, harp and words & Rick Knotts on guitars, bass, mandolin, baritone 6, ukelele, baritone ukelele, banjo, and background vocals.
This is part blues, rock, folk, ambient - a contemporary album using traditional instruments - including the harp - with thoughtful lyrics. “Elsewaves” is music from the heart, with blood and memories on it. A unique musical experience awaits you.....

Song titles: 1. Elsewaves
2. Transmogrified
3. Ever Falling
4. Double Rainbows
5. Sunset of 1000 Embraces
6. !2 Sighs
7. It Ain’t Easy Being Me
8. Reckless Splendor
9. Drag & Holler
10. Leaving Kilkenny
11. Forever September
12. Emperor Jack
Another Luscious Mystery


“Elsewaves” is the culmination of a lifelong friendship between Chris Kinkade and Rick Knotts. It is also a definitive creative step for them both as they each bring a lifetime of experience, decades of performing and creating music and art, to bring this project into the world right on cue.....

“Elsewaves”, a collection of 13 songs from those sessions woven together to create the ultimate musical expression of two artists dedicated with renewed vigor to make music from the heart, music that lifts the soul, timeless music........

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