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Cath & Phil Tyler - Dumb Supper

Cath & Phil Tyler - Dumb Supper
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Dumb Supper by Cath and Phil Tyler, released 03 March 2008 1. Wether's Skin 2. Queen Sally 3. Fisherman's Girl 4. Farewell My Friends 5. Death of Queen Jane 6. Yellowhammer 7. ... Cath sang and played in this group. Cath and Phil Tyler. go to album. Kuboa by Phil Tyler. Phil's solo banjo recordings. Cath and Phil Tyler.
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2011 release. Originally released on CD in 2008 by No-Fi Recordings. Cath & Phil Tyler have been stars of the Northeast underground scene for the past three years, sharing stages with Six Organs Of Admittance, Papa M, Charalambides, and many more. Dumb Supper was originally released to critical acclaim in 2008 by No-Fi Recordings and the record now sees a re-release on 180 gram vinyl by MIE Music. Cath is a renowned teacher on the Sacred Harp singing circuit. Sacred Harp is vigorous community singing of a particular collection of four-part harmony hymns (from the 19th century book The Sacred Harp) usually for closed as opposed to public performances. It has been described as "a cross between Gregorian chanting and bluegrass" and elements of its stylings appear in the duo's recordings. Cath and Phil's music beautifully blends the hard-edged traditions of primitive Americana and English folk, using guitar, banjo, fiddle and more, all topped with their searing vocals and sublime harmonies. Their songs speak of grit, blood and guts, tenderness, love and death. Cath and Phil believe in folk retaining its original storytelling function, passing on tales through the centuries. In their words, "These songs came to us by way of Lena Bourne Fish, Hattie Hicks Presnell, Homer Cornett, Eleazar Tillett, and Martha Etheridge (Anne and Frank Warner Collection); the Sacred Harp... We changed some of the words and wrote some of the tunes." All the songs on the album are adaptations of songs they have unearthed or which have been passed on to them through family members, musical collaborators, and their own love of the original information highway, folk music. Cath and Phil Tyler's take on folk sees a refreshing return to traditional folk at its rawest; reinstating grit, virtuosity, authenticity and mesmeric, powerful performance to this timeless genre. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a heavy duty sleeve. Includes inner card. Edition of 300 copies only.

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