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Iron Horse - Five Hands High
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Traditional acoustic Scottish group featuring Gavin Marwick (fiddle) and Annie Grace (whistle, pipes, vocals). Highly reccomended by Jen.
The Iron Horse is a Scottish Celtic music band formed in 1990. During the '90s the band, along with others, broadened Celtic music from its traditional roots to the wider range of music now encompassed within the Celtic music genre. From slow airs and ballads to driving instrumentals, they wrote and performed a broad spectrum of Scottish folk music. Though the band split up in 2001, they reunited in 2004 for another album.

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1) The 8 Step Waltz 2) A'Bhean Ladaich 3) This is no' My Plaid 4) Stobieside Lodge:The Piddley 2 Step - The Newe Jig - Stobieside Lodge 5) The Rubber Man:The Rubber Man - The Furrowed Brow - Alistair Paul's Return 6) Glasgow Peggy 7) The Linguist :The Linguist - Maclaine of Lochbuies - Twisted Fingers - Lochiel's Rant8) Inheritance 9) Lowlands of Holland 10) The Sheepwife - The Bagaqd Reel 11) The Heiress 12) Fragment 13) Northern Cross Rising Pts 1,2&3 Five Hands High, one of their more notable albums, opened with 8-Step Waltz, in fact a reel, but the band is best known [citation needed] for their album Demons and Lovers' and, live, they added a drummer (Lee Agnew, also part of Dougie MacLean's band) to the band. In a further change, their 1999 tour included the accordion and keyboards of Brian McAlpine.

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