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BLUE SAPHIRE natural gemstone - Ravens' Heart - Large 2" Sterling Silver Pendant


  • Limited Production Ravens Heart Pendant
  • Semi-precious Blue Saphire (Fine Quality) 4mm Faceted Gemstone set into Sterling Custom Swing Bail.
  • Heavy weight - Hand Cast - Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant
  • 2" x 1" (including Bail)
  • Comes with 18" Satin Chord - or (reccomended)
  • Choice of Quality Sterling Silver Snake Chains with lobster clasp
  • or Sterling Silver Cable (Omega)(Choose Chains and Sizes from drop down menu)
  • Gift Boxed with Text Insert
  • Jen Artist Signature on Back of Piece
  • Matching Celtic Heart Earrings Also Available
  • Studio Made in America
Price: $295.00


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Product Description

Limited production Jen Delyth Sterling Silver pendant - Ravens Heart
Set into custom bail, with a Fine Quality

BLUE SAPPHIRE - FINE QUALITY - 4mm Faceted Natural Precious Gemstone

Beautifully hand-cast in USA using the traditional lost wax method, These limited production pieces take time and hands on work for the custom stone setting and finishing details. Ravens Heart is a heavier fine silver piece, highly polished and antiqued to show the fine craftsmanship and detail.

This lovely heirloom quality pendant features a custom sterling silver swing bail and bezel, and is hand set with precious or semi-precious stone choice. Presented in a gift box, with an explanation of the symbolism of the design. Made in USA. All artwork and text ©Jen Delyth

We can offer custom precious gem stones for this piece - with an average of 4 weeks. Please request quote.


The name sapphire comes from the Persian word safir, derived from the Greek word for blue. In times of antiquity and the Middle Ages, the term sapphire actually referred to lapis lazuli, but in the early 19th century, the description and definition of sapphire was changed to the corundum variety we know today. Its is one of the hardest gemstones on earth after diamond, For many years, only blue sapphire was recognized as 'true' sapphire. Today, all colors of gem quality corundum are known as sapphire. While blue is the most traditional and classic color for sapphire, sapphire is actually found in a variety of different colors. Most natural sapphire is quite pale and light in color.


Throughout history, sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty. It is also thought to bring peace, joy and wisdom to its wearer. In the past, the sapphire was also believed to be a talisman that would protect against evil spirits and other unsavory creatures of the night. The ancients regarded star sapphires as powerful talismans that could protect travelers and seekers. These talismans were considered to be so powerful, that they would continue protecting the wearer even after they had been passed on to another person. Sapphire is the birthstone for those who are born in September. As for the zodiac, it is regarded as the stone for Taurus.