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Cave of Gold - Celtic Lullabies

Cave of Gold - Celtic Lullabies
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Enchanting collection of lullabies sung by Lynn Morrison - a founding member of Iron Horse. Weaving strands of ancient Scottish sleep songs, with more familiar melodies, this collection of lullabies drifts seamlessly through story and myth to a dreamy timeless land where almost anything seems possible: fairies, mermaids, monsters, treasure caves, spirits and great heroes all inhabit this magical world. Layering warm vocals, traditional instruments nad natural thythms, the songs form a comforting blanket of sound to enchant young and old.

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Cave of Gold - Celtic Lullabies

Lynn Morrison
  • 1. Dream Angus
  • 2. Cradle Spell Of Dunvegan (Taladh An Leinibh Leoidi
  • 3. A Nighean Nan Geug Taladh (Lovely Young Girl)
  • 4. Hush Hush
  • 5. Dean Cadalan (Sleep Thou Awhile)
  • 6. The Bressay Lullaby
  • 7. Cave Of Gold (Uamh An Oir)
  • 8. Finn's Song
  • 9. Christ's Child Lullaby (Taladh Ar Slanair)
  • 10. Cronan
  • 11. The Silver Wood
  • 12. The Mermaid's Song (Oran Na Maighdinn Mhara)
  • 13. A Phiutrag's A Phiutar (Little Sister)