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The Celtic Big Book /CD for Mandolin by Allan Alexander

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The Celtic Gig Book for Mandolin

Book and CD

by Allan Alexander ©

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The Celtic Gig Book for Mandolin

by Allan Alexander

Allan Alexander describes this book as follows, "Are you looking for great tunes for a gig? Or maybe like me, you are just looking for great tunes to play because music is the best game in town. Either way you have come to the right place. Between the covers of this book you will find tunes you will want to play over and over. Have you ever read that on the back of one of my books? I’m sure you have because I keep saying it... The reason is because great tunes are what I always look for. It’s how I learned how to play and how I keep playing. I just find tunes I can’t stop playing and the rest takes care of itself. So whether you play “Deever the Dancer” “The Gypsy Rover” or one of the sweet lute pieces from the Wymess manuscript, you will have a blast with this collection."