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A Welsh Herbal
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A Welsh Herbal CD ROM

“A Welsh Herbal” is a fully interactive CD-Rom, illustrated with color photographs, digitally enhanced woodcuts of key plants within Welsh herbal medicine, composed by medical herbalists with more than 60 years experience. It presents the historical & present uses of herbs.

A Welsh Herbal has 21 different stories about Welsh culture, ranging from traditional myths and legends, historical tales, to contemporary essays. Requires PC computer with CD player

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Product Description

    Features a visual tour of some of Wales’ most important beauty spots.
    Places and herbs are linked to myths, legends, Celtic calendar and folklore though the ages, including the “Legend of the lady of the Lake.”
    History & Philosophy of Welsh herbal medicine, including “The Physicians of Myddfai.”
    Detailed profiles of 40 medicinal herbs used by the “Physicians,” including their cultivation, identification and uses.
    A-Z of Remedies for common complaints, that accesses the herbal Profiles.
      Glossary of Terms & Herbal Preparations.
      Galleries of Photos and Woodcuts. Over 400 Illustrations included.
      URL Links to Further Information on Herbal Medicine - for finding nearest practitioner, training & membership.
      Enriched by excerpts from “Music For The Mabinogi” by Robin Williamson (ex-Incredible String Band).

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    What people have said about the herbal so far:

    "A Welsh Herbal is great... It is really excellent - informative, rich and good to look at." Beata Bishop - Author of "A Time To Heal"

    "A delightful presentation of history, folklore and tradition in this Welsh Herbal. Personally I have known Dylan and Stella for over 20 years and it is a pleasure to see their herbal knowledge being made available for all to see." Christopher Menzies-Trull - Medical Herbalist and author of "Herbal Medicine - Keys to Physiomedicalism"

    "Thank you both for all the research into herbalism through its long tradition, folkore, medicine and photos of the natural habitats of these most simple and effective herbs. It makes herbalism and healing accessible to everyone who cares about natural remedies. The wonderful photos of common herbs growing by the waysides removes a lot of the mystique that science and religion have imposed on the herbal tradition over centuries. It offers a very profound awareness of the natural world in which we live." Frances Woodley

    "A Welsh Herbal is a mine of information. I was amazed that a CD-Rom about herbs in Wales could cover such a wide range of subjects - all associated with the herbs. This CD includes down-to-earth guidance for the use of herbs for medicinal purposes which, as a novice, I found to be easy to follow and understand. I was enthralled by the photography. Quite often it is difficult to identify plants from a photograph, but these photographs show each herb in detail, so it can be easily identified.

    The links to folklore and the historical context are particularly fascinating, as I can identify many of the places and stories mentioned, myself living in Wales. Instead of producing a mere directory of herbs, this gives the stories surrounding the subject their true meaning. Thank you for producing such a brilliant encyclopaedia!" Elaine Humble