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Perpetual Celtic Calendar by Cynthia Matyi & Dolores Whelan


Celebrating the seasons of the Celtic year, this lovely limited edition calendar depicts in exquisite detail, all of the eight Celtic seasons, lovingly hand painted by Cynthia Matyi. Teacher and Irish author Dolores Whelan provides the information about the different seasons and festivals, their energies, challenges and gifts. The calendar offers prayers and reflections for each season and highlights the significant dates within the Celtic ritual year.
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New Celtic Perpetual Calendar created by artist Cynthia Matyi in collaboration with Irish-based spiritual teacher and author, Dolores Whelan. The visually stunning calendar celebrates the Celtic seasons of Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, and Lughnasadh as well as the Solstices and Equinoxes. Calendar Highlights • The calendar was jointly created by Cincinnati visual artist, Cynthia Matyi, and Ireland’s teacher and author, Dolores Whelan; and, it was printed in Dublin, Ireland. • It celebrates the Celtic seasons of Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasadh in elaborate pictorial detail with easy-to-follow guidelines on using the calendar; and, it includes mythological meanings behind the seasons and key festival dates. • The calendar serves as a learning tool, enabling and inspiring Irish and American audiences to learn more about the Celtic traditions, along with gaining a deeper appreciation for the ancient wisdom of Celtic spirituality and its continuing relevance. “In early 2011, I traveled to Ireland for St. Brigid’s Day,” commented Cincinnati artist, Cynthia Matyi. “While there, I met with Irish author, Dolores Whelan, which was the beginning of a collaboration that resulted in the release of this new Perpetual Celtic Calendar. It was a perfect union, as Dolores provided the rich traditions and suggestions for spiritual practices related to the solstices and agricultural feasts of the ancient world; and, I created the intricate artwork for each section as well as the spiraling design for the days of the month. It was a very rewarding project, and I’m extremely pleased with the results.” The Perpetual Celtic Calendar will not work well for noting important appointments. Rather, it serves as a tool for meditation and spiritual considerations with its focus on the Celtic seasons. For example, the season of Imbolc (February and March) reminds us that spring is near. The sun gets a little brighter, the earth warmer, and new life is beginning to emerge. With this in mind, the calendar provides the meditation seed, What stirrings of new life are being revealed to me? And, the prayer of, May I feel and recognize the life force ‘the neart’ rising within me breathing new life into my whole being. “These are examples that can be used to reflect on your life journey, allowing you to become more aware of the diversity of experiences and energies present within your life,” writes Dolores Whelan. “We’re celebrating the seasons of the Celtic year with this calendar,” continued Matyi. “The calendar provides imagery and considerations to enable each of us to launch our own spiritual journeys of discovery. It is a combination of art and tradition.”

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