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Cindy Matyi (1948 - 2014) painted Celtic art images as well as impressionistic landscapes. She participated in many exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Europe. Cindy particularly loved teaching children about Celtic Art. She was also a musician, avid gardener and active supporter of the arts in her community.

In 1985, while on a visit to Scotland, Cindy Matyi encountered a rhythmic style of art which has intrigued and dominated her paintings ever since. Interlacing, spiraling, restless motifs used by ancient tribes on tombs, weapons and jewelry and later transformed by monks into the beautifully disturbing and and complex illuminated manuscript pages, now play an important part in the large oil paintings she created. But these contemporary works go well beyond replication.

Cindy Matyi led a growing company of post-modern artists whose original work attracted international attention as part of a living tradition.

"I feel that this style, with its fantastical variations on the interconnectedness of the natural world, adapts well to the themes of my work which include ecology, peace, renewal and creativity. The intricacy of the designs fascinate people, and I add many chromatic variations to delight and attract viewers on an aesthetic basis, first, while gently luring them into the world of the painting and the message it contains."

Born and raised in Ohio, Cindy was influenced at an early age by her Appalachian grandmother's stories which she said "really fired my imagination". She developed a love of history, legend and the supernatural, rooted in the Scots-Irish tradition. After a lengthy career in health care, she returned to school and earned a BFA in painting at Mt. St. Joseph College. Cindy passed in 2014 - a great loss to the Celtic Artist Community. Cindy's work has appeared in galleries throughout the US and in Europe. She has illustrated book and CD covers, posters and websites. She played traditional music with the band, Silver Arm and was the founder and artistic director of the Cincinnati Celtic World Festival.

ABOUT cynthia matyi

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